So believe it or not my wife and I dated for 6 years and not once took a vacation together.  Oh sure, we lived in Atlanta, GA for a few years and had drive for 16 hours back to Kansas every year over Christmas, but not once did we go anywhere else together for an extended period of time. 

All of that changed when we decided to go to Portalnd, OR for our honeymoon.  We had really wanted to go to Ireland or England but decided that we just couldn’t afford it.  So one day I was flipping through a Beer Advocate  and in their beer travel section came across some brewpubs and beer bars from Portland.  These beers in turn made me look up more about Portland and soon I was convinced that I we really needed to go there.  It really wasn’t that difficult to convince Amber that we should go since by the time we were engaged she too enjoyed an excellently brewed beer.  We made a  list of places to go and then we narrowed it down to one for lunch and one for dinner each day we were there (8 days total), plus a couple of afternoon beer breaks so we could sample as many beers as possible.  Here’s our list of breweries/brepubs (no way am I going to list all 110 beers in one shot):



Deschutes Brewery

Full Sail

Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB)


Lucky Labrador

New Old Lompoc


Tugboat Brewery

Widmer Brother’s

That’s a lot of beers to sample.  We also decided that we needed a way to keep track of all of these beers.  We did some research and found some little pocket sized beer books called 33 Bottles of (Cans, Drafts, Goblets, & Glasses, Too.) Beer.  They were fantastic. They had a chart for tracking flavors, a section to write notes, a place for the name of the beer and brewery, and all the other important items.  It’s hard to fully describe so here’s a pic…..


We finished 3 of those books and made it about 7 beers into the fourth one by the time we left even though we didn’t even pick them up until after we first went to Rogue.  So the first several (and we do mean several) reviews will be focused primarily on those beers.  And yes we are aware that these first beers cannot be found in Kansas but since we have not actually sat down to review the local beers this will be the filler until then. 

When it comes to trying beers remember that it is subjective.  What we taste, smell, and enjoy may vary dramatically from someone else sampling the same beer (for that matter what I like will vary dramatically from what Amber enjoys).  We’ll always try to provide you with basic descriptions of color, flavor, aroma, head, finish and interesting information about how they are brewed like special ingredients or unique fermentation or aging methods so that you can judge for yourself if a beer is for you.  We’ll even try to provide you with some similar locally brewed and/or available beers.



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