Ale (Tallgrass Brewing Co.)

As I’ve said before I am slightly bias towards Tallgrass Brewing Co. and I love their beers (after all I do help with tours).  Lucky for you they don’t have a super long list of beers to review so you don’t have to listen to my biased opinion.  Ale (not Tallgrass as I’ve been asked to pour on many occasions) is Tallgrass Brewing Company’s flagship beer.  I know Ale isn’t a very descriptive name but Ale is an English Brown ale (almost London Brown ale style).  It’s not often that a company has a Brown ale as a flagship but for Tallgrass it paid off.  The first time I had Ale was Christmas 2007.  My dad had gotten a keg of it for his kegerator and told me that this brewery had just started up in Manhattan.  My first sip was that of surprise and joy.  It had a nice sweetness and almost smokieness (quite a change from Newcastle Brown Ale’s oxidized flavor).  I went back to Atlanta watching and waiting to see what I would get the next Christmas from Tallgrass.  That first drink of Ale hooked me and made me look forward to all of their offerings.  Since I started this blog post-bottle days I can’t review the bottle so instead I get to do the much more environmentally friendly can (16 oz. of pure bliss).

Tallgrass Ale

(artsy picture huh?)

The beer has an off-white head with a dark brown (slightly reddish) body.  The aroma is caramel/malty sweet.  The beer has a smooth creamy texture (lightly carbonated as ales should be).  The flavors are still the same as they were from my first sip with a sweet, semi-smokeiness (not enough to distract from the malts but just a hint), caramel flavor.  The beer has a surprisingly light feeling for being a darker beer. Ale is perfect for a hot summer day or while grilling out and at 4.4% ABV and only 20 IBUs it’s an easily drinkable and enjoyable beer. It’s not overwhelming in flavor or hops but a nice well rounded beer.  So light up the grill, Pour a Pint and enjoy.

  Brown Ale with Sunlight

Some other Brown ales you might enjoy are;

No. 04 Downtown American Brown – Lb. Brewing

Brunette Nut Brown Ale – Nebraska Brewing Co.

Prairie Dog Brown – Blind Tiger

John Brown Ale – Free State Brewing Co.

Bison Brown – Little Apple Brewing Co.



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