Amber Ale (Flying Monkey Brewing)

I had heard rumors of a brewery in Olathe KS for a while but I had never seen their beer.  Flying Monkey Brewing is this Olathe KS brewery.  However, upon some research I learned that in 2008 Flying Monkey lost their brewery in Johnson County.  They quickly landed on their feet and began brewing their beer at Weston Brewing in Missouri (not sure if this makes them a Kansas beer still as it seems they are now a Missouri beer). 

I had recently heard they were back on tap all over Kansas City at various bars and restaurants.  I was determined to find a bar and try this elusive beer.  I did manage to find one of the bars which was the Flying Saucer down in the Power and Lights District.  At first I was overwhelmed by the beer list (it’s been a while since I’ve seen a list that large) so the first beer I got was Lagunitas Shut-down Investigation ale (see future post for review).  The list was crazy and at first I didn’t see Flying Monkey.  So as I was perusing the beer list (for the second time)while consuming said beer I came across Flying Monkey Amber Ale.  I knew what my second beer would be.

The beer came to me with an off-white head and a copper body.  The aroma was malty almost grainy which isn’t always good.  The mouthfeel was sort of creamy with a grainy/malty finish. 

I know the review is sort of short compared to others but I just found this beer to be average.  The only part that stood out to me was the grainy smell and taste.  I’m hoping that Flying Monkey moves back to Kansas, gets their own brewery, and starts making some less than average beers.  Their name is great and they have potential.  Their website though could use a lot of work. 

Some other examples of Amber Ales include;

Annie’s Amber Ale – High Noon Saloon

Fat Tire – New Belgium Brewing

No. 03 Amber Ale – Lb. Brewing

Amber Ale – Blind Tiger

Ad Astra – Free State Brewing

Amber Ale – 23rd Street Brewing

These are just a few of the many Amber ales available.  This style is very poplar and sells very well so many breweries make them. I apologize that there isn’t a picture, it is sometimes hard to take pictures in a bar.



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