Black Butte Porter (Deschustes Brewery)

We recently took a trip to Denver, CO to visit the in-laws and while we were there we had load up on beer to bring back that we can’t get in KS. One of them was this black beauty, Deschutes flagship beer (5.2% ABV, 30 IBU). At least it looks black at first. When held up to light its very, very dark red. The tan (Amber would call it khaki) head lingers to the end of the glass. It has a chocolaty aroma at first, but you notice the roastyness when you inhale while drawing it into your mouth to take a drink. The roastyness provides just a hint of smokey flavor and smell, but the first drink is chocolaty. The finish is more roasty side and the roasted flavor takes over as you keep drinking. Don’t be fooled by its dark color, this beer is very drinkable.

If this sounds interesting the closest (and most local) comparable beer would probably be Planet Porter from Boulder Beer.

We first tried it at the Deschutes’ Portland Brewpub (awww… honeymoon memories). Deschutes’ main brewery is located in Bend, OR which is in central Oregon along the Deschutes River. The Deschutes Portland Brewpub was a really great place (they even brew some beer there). The beers were awesome, the wait staff was awesome (we were there just after lunch rush hour), and the food was amazing. Amber is really all about food so she can’t help giving you just a little information about it.


On our first visit to the brewpub (Yes, there were two. The food and beer were so good we went back one night when we were just too tired to go anywhere any further from our hotel.) we tried two flights of tasters. We also had these glorious elk meatballs which were roasted in Mirror Pond Pale Ale Wort Sauce. They were served with Sweet Potato Knocci and Goat Cheese Cream. They were AMAZING. They even have a gluten free menu. I tried out the lamb burger. I’ll be honest, gluten free bread is just awful and I think would be better if they just left it out entirely. Then again, if you have celiac disease you already know that. The lamb and everything else between the buns was really tasty though.




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