Dobbel IPA (Nøgne Ø)

Our West Coast Beerespondant Matt informed me that Nøgne Ø had a couple of other beers that we needed to try.  One of them was their Dobbel IPA.  I didn’t think there were any others in the Manhattan area, but I went to Heritage Wine and Liquor on Highway 24 and found this wonderful beer (they also had their Stout if you are interested).  I made a quick purchase and was off to the house to let it sit in the refrigerator for a day before drinking it. 

24 hours later it was time to drink.  At this point I was going to tell you what the brewery had to say about their beer but it appears that it is no longer listed on their webpage.  I would assume that this means they are no longer making it (or maybe it’s gone away for a short time).  I guess you’ll just have to trust me on this review.

The pour revealed a light tan head with an apple cider brown colored body.  Seriously, at first I thought I was drinking apple cider.  The aroma was citrusy (not as much as the Pale Ale but still pretty citrusy) mixed with a little sweetness.  The initial taste was bitter, not overpoweringly bitte,r but it was bitter.  This made me look at the bottle to determine the ABV (8%) and the IBU (100).  I was impressed that this beer was 100 IBU as it wasn’t harsh at all.  I’ve had a few 100 IBU beers and the hops in those beers are very prominent.  This one was smooth and semi sweet which made the hops and malts very well balanced.  As the beer warmed I noticed it became a little more alcoholic going down my throat (you know that warm feeling when you take a shot of whiskey, yeah that’s what it felt like).  This was a bit of downside to it but the upside was that it also began to taste a more brown sugary.  I really enjoyed the beer (way to go Matt) but one recommendation I have is that this beer is not for the faint of heart based on hops and ABV.

If this sounds good to you here are some other beers you might like as well;

Double Dog Double Pale Ale – Flying Dog Brewery

Hercules Double IPA – Great Divide Brewing

16th Anniversary Wood Aged – Great Divide Brewing

Mojo Risin’ Double IPA – Boulder Beer Co.

Hop Czar – BridgePort Brewing

Oasis – Tallgrass Brewing Co.

No. 42 Double IPA – Lb. Brewing (this is only a seasonal so check first before going)



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