Pale Ale (Nøgne Ø)

So what is the name of that brewery?  Yeah I’m not sure how to pronounce it but the brewers (who are from Norway) say it means “naked island”.  I’ve seen this beer in my local liquor store for a little while now I just assumed it was some orange flavored malt liquor.  Then I decided to read the label and realized it was a pale ale.  Further reading (there was a lot written on the bottle) told me that this Norwegian brewery has been influenced by American craft brewers.  Hold up. Wait European brewers influenced by American brewers?  Sweet! At least people like us for something.

On to the review….

The aroma is citrusy and caramel.  The pour left an off-white head and a light brown (sort of like caramel) body color.  As I drank the beer I noticed the lacing was very nice in that it left a nice layer of bubbles down the side of the glass.  The body is  finish is slightly citrusy (almost orange flavored).  The malts used was Maris Otter, Wheat, and Caramel and the hops are Northern Brewer and Centennial (I know this because I’m a genius; not really but I can read the label like a genius). 

I haven’t really ever had a pale ale like this (Amber really missed out).  I could recommend some other pale ales but this one is unique enough I think you should try it for yourself.



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