Red’s Rye (Founders Brewing Co.)

Founders Brewing Co. is one of the breweries in this country that have a certain mystique about them.  It’s mostly due to one of their beers, Kentucky Breakfast Stout which is aged in oak barrels in a cave.  This stuff sells out quickly.  And I really, really want to try some.  This review is not about that beer, it’s about Red’s Rye.  I’m a huge fan of Rye ales as I think they are under appreciated.  I’m also a bit of a fan of Founders.  True, we can’t get them in Kansas but I had a friend in Atlanta that brought some over to a party and I was able to try them (well, mostly their Imperial and Breakfast, non Kentucky stouts).  Yes, they have a Breakfast Stout and a Kentucky Breakfast Stout.  Two different beers.  I was confused too.  They know how to make stouts. That’s for sure, but how do they fare with a Red Rye?

The head was an off-white color with the body being a red coppery color.  The aroma was a little grainy but also citrusy.  The flavor had rye up front and at the finish with a smooth (not creamy) mouthfeel.  There was also a hint of sweetness to the body (their website says they use 4 Belgian malts).  Not only did the finish have a rye taste but was just a little bitter.  I really like when breweries take a normal style and add their own twist to it.  In this case they took a Red and a Rye mixed the two and came up with a great beer.

(This is where I would have put a picture had I remembered to take one)

I didn’t even take any notes since he only let me have a sip.  Or maybe I stole a second before I handed it back.  Either way, it was a really good sip.

Like I mentioned earlier Red Rye ales are very uncommon, but here are some Rye ales you might be able to find around here:

Fort Riley Rye – Little Apple Brewing Company (seasonal)

Tailwind Rye – Blind Tiger (not sure if it is still around, website didn’t look updated)

No. 43 Flying Bison Rye – Lb. Brewing (seasonal)

No. 33 Roggen Lite Ale – Lb. Brewing (seasonal)

Mild Winter – Goose Island (seasonal)



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