Beer Ice Cream Floats

Yes.  You read that right. 

If you haven’t ever tried one you should at least give them a chance before you decide you’re morally opposed. 

Austin shared this article about beer milkshakes on Google Reader this morning and I decided beer and ice cream combinations deserved a short discussion at the very least. The author made milkshakes and I’ll be honest, the idea of mixing beer and ice cream in a blender like a milkshake does sound pretty disgusting, but a beer float is a totally different story. 

They aren’t quite as typical in the Midwest as the were in Georgia, but you can still find them.  I think of Guiness as the most standard although I could be wrong.  It was the first one I was exposed to.  An Irish bar in Decatur has them on the dessert menu.  Freaking delicious.  I think stouts are best suited, both because they look a lot like root beer in the glass and because they have the kind of dark rich flavors the complement ice cream well.

If you think you’d like to give it a shot, I would highly recommend Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout or Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.  Buffalo Sweat from Tallgrass is my local favorite and I think next time I’m at Blind Tiger in Topeka I’ll see if I can convince them to produce a Java Porter Float. 

I’ll be seeking out Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale to report back on.  I don’t think in float form it could possibly be bad enough to make me want to “puke” or “die,” but we’ll see.  (If that doesn’t make sense, perhaps you should read the article I linked to at the beginning of the post.)



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