Sam Adams Summer Ale (Boston Beer Co.)

Summer ale in late August? What’s that you say? School is back in session, pools are closed, days are getting shorter and nights are getting cooler. Summer is definitely not over.  I know, I know summer is winding down but last I checked the first official day of Fall is Wednesday September 22 at 11:09 PM EST (Wow, that is oddly specific).  Well truth be told I was looking in the refrigerator when low and behold there was a Summer Ale hiding in the back.  At first I thought it was a little too late to be doing a summer seasonal but then I realized that I had just bought another summer seasonal just a week earlier.  So as we get into the dog days of summer I thought I would do a quick post about this beer and one other summer seasonal.

Beer pours a dark golden amber (reminded me of wheat when it’s ready for harvesting) with a slight haze and a white head.  The aroma was sweet kind of like honey, a hint of spice (grains of paradise according to the label), and just a pinch of wheat.  The beer was lightly wheat bready, sweet with a hint of spice.  The finish was lemony which is interesting since I didn’t taste any lemon in the main body.  The mouth feel has a lot of bubbles yet is still slightly smooth.


The beer is a really easy to drink summer beer.  I am speaking from experience.  The summer of 2004 I primarily drank Summer Ale or Boulevard Wheat.  I know not very brewmiscuous of me but at the time I wasn’t as adventurous as I am now.  This tasting though did not remind me of that summer as I noticed the best by marking on the bottle was this month.  That tells me the beer has probably been in the fridge for a few months.  Whoops.  But trust me when I say that overall Sam Adams is an excellent entry point for anybody just starting to like beer as most are not overwhelming on any one flavor.

Wheat beers are pretty much a standard style.  Most breweries you’ll go to in the midwest have one.  They aren’t all seasonal, but they are summery.  Here are a few super local options.

Wildcat Wheat – Little Apple Brewing Company

County Seat Wheat – Blind Tiger

Raw Wheat – Blind Tiger

Unfiltered Wheat – Boulevard Brewing Co.



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