Summer Honey (Big Sky Brewing Co.)

As I mentioned in the Sam Adams Summer Ale review, I had purchased this summer seasonal so I figured I would do a dog days of summer seasonal review.  Summer Honey is the summer seasonal from Big Sky Brewing Company.  Not sure who they are?  You probably know their most popular beer Moose Drool (now in cans!).  They are based out of Missoula, Montana.  Yeah I feel the same way.  I’m not familiar enough with Montana to know where that is without using Google maps.  I think it’s fair to say though that Big Sky Brewing Company is putting them squarely on the map. 

Summer Honey poured with a lovely dark golden color and a white head.  The aroma was that of honey (kind of graham crackery) and spices (not sure what those are but they smell nice).  The taste was kind of a let down.  I really wasn’t that impressed with the hint of honey and plain tasting beer.  I felt like it was a not very well made pilsner with honey mixed in.  I didn’t find it very sweet at all.  The mouthfeel was very carbonated (super tingly).


The first time I had Moose Drool I wasn’t that impressed (it might have been the frozen glass it was served in) but I would be willing to give it a try again.  Their summer seasonal reminds me of that first Moose Drool in that it was kind of a let down.  Perhaps I need to get more of it (especially at the initial release and not so late in the season).  I wasn’t impressed with this summer seasonal but I’m not ruling it out.  Stay tuned for an update next summer.

Finding summer honey beers seems to be a little difficult this year.  We know these exist. Let us know if you have some other good options.

Stinger Wheat – Blind Tiger

Somer Orange Honey Ale – Rogue



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