Sam Adams Black Lager (Boston Beer Co.)

As I cracked open this beer Amber probably said it best, “I Love Black Lagers.”  Black lagers are the best of two different worlds.  You get a light crisp tasting lager with the roastedness of a porter or a stout.   This is the second black lager we’ve reviewed (if you remember Seventeen by Avery Brewing Co.).  Sam Adams offers their Black Lager as a year round beer so unlike Seventeen you can pick up a six pack anytime you want.  I’m going to keep the introduction short so I don’t ramble on about it. So here’s the review.

The beer poured a tan colored head and the body was black (a very dark red brown when held to direct light).  The aroma was that of roastiness and a hint of lightness (by that I mean it wasn’t an overwhelming or overly heavy roasted smell). I thought it smelled sour, but Austin and I have concluded that I associate dark smells with sour (Thanks La Folie!). The beer tasted light and crisp. It had a bitter coffee like finish but this wasn’t unpleasant. To me it was a little chocolaty and a little coffee-y (Thanks Maillard chemistry!). The mouthfeel is very similar to most other lagers in that it is very carbonated (my tongue is attacked by bubbles).


I know. Seriously.  He takes the best beer pictures. 

Seventeen – Avery Brewing Co.

Pinkus Jubilate Dark Lager – Pinkus-Muller Brewery (highly recommended, review pending as I get some more)

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager – Spoetzl Brewing Co.

Rogue Chatoe Dirtoir Black Lager – Rogue (also highly recommended, see above about review)



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