Blue Star Wheat Beer (North Coast Brewing Co.)

Blue Star Wheat is only the second beer that I have had from North Coast Brewing Company (at least that I can remember having).  The other beer I had was Old Rasputin Imperial Stout.  Mmmm. And yes it does feature a picture of  Rasputin on the label.  This beer though is not Old Rasputin.  In fact it is quite the opposite of an Imperial Stout.  It’s light and much more crisp.  It weighs in at 4.5% ABV and only 17 IBU.

To be honest, this beer wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.  I really don’t have a lot to say about it as I didn’t find it a knockout wheat beer.  Don’t let my opinion stop you from trying it though.  If you like wheats you might enjoy this one.  I usually love wheat beers but this one just didn’t do it for me (perhaps I’ve had too many hoppy beers lately).

The head was white while the body was a sort of golden amber color.  The aroma was a light breadiness.  The taste was of wheat with a slight sweetness for a finish.  It doesn’t appear to be super hazy like a hefeweizen but has a slight unfiltered (perhaps lightly filtered?) appearance.   The beer as well as almost any wheat beer would be perfect on a hot summer day.  Outside of summer I don’t drink wheats that often.  I find them to be light and crisp which is what I look for when it’s 100 degrees outside.  However, with Autumn rolling in my favorite wheat beer style, Dunkelweis, will be coming out soon (look for a review of one coming sometime this fall).

I was thinking about this beer and how it didn’t really impress me too much and how perhaps it was something to do with the age.  Wheat beers are sometimes not shelf stable.  This means that they don’t last on the shelf as long as many other beers.  It usually has something to do with the yeast more than any other reason.  One recent wheat beer that went away due to this problem was Tallgrass Wheat.  Perhaps this beer fell into this area where it sat on the shelf too long and has started to turn a bit south.  That is a problem with making your own six packs at a store that doesn’t see those beers changing fast enough.  Oh well.  Better luck next time (I hope).

Some similar wheat beers would include:

Unfiltered Wheat – Boulevard Brewing Co.

Wildcat Wheat – Little Apple Brewing Co.

No. 2 American Wheat – Lb. Brewing Co.

Harvester Wheat Ale – River City Brewing Co.



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