Mission: Beer Possible

Since the highlight of this blog was having Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. tweet my review (yes I will run with that as long as possible) of their Kellerweis, I’ve decided that I really want to hear about beers you’ve tried, any recommendations you have for me to try, and what your take is on a beer that I have reviewed.  One of the goals of this blog was to get you (the reader) out trying craft beers.  Another goal was to blog about us getting a brewpub up and running.  Well I don’t have that going yet, but at some point in the future I hope to be able to invite people over for tastings of potential beer for said brewpub.  But before I can do that I need to know who is trying beers, learning about beer, and what beers/stlyes you like.  I’m going to need a lot of different taste buds and minds to know what will go over well.  Feel free to comment on this post or on the post of the beer you’ve tried. 



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