Shandies & Radlers: Part 2

So I figured out what the problem was with radlers I made the other day.  Now that I like beer they actually need to taste remotely like beer for me to enjoy them.  The sugar in the lemonade overrides the malt flavors pretty consistently, but the hops balance that out. I just wasn’t going hoppy enough.

To resolve this problem I figured I’d try out a radler of a rather hoppy  beer. Since we had some Ranger in the fridge and it’s one of my all time favorites I figured I would give it a try.  A 75/25 try.  No sense in diluting it too much.

It smelled like lemony flowers.  The addition of lemonade overrides most of the malt character leaving the radler with a clean, sugar, sweetness, but brings out the citrus and floral tones. It’s like the bitch beer version of Ranger.  It tastes like you would hope a beautiful woman smells. Have I mentioned the fact that I want Ranger body wash?  Because I do. My husband would be all about that.

Conclusion: 25% lemonade, 75% Ranger, 100% freaking delicious.



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