Wiesn Blonde (Paulaner)

As I mentioned in the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale review THIS is the beer we went to Old Chicago to try.  According to them (them being the Old Chicago email people) this is a beer that is only served at the Paulaner Oktoberfest tent in Munich and this is the first time it has gone anywhere else.  They also claim it to be an exclusive to Old Chicago.  From everything I’ve read this seems to be true as long as you are talking kegs.  The bottles are available, but if you want it from a keg you need to go to Old Chicago.  Here’s the low down.  This year Oktoberfest is celebrating its 200th anniversary (it starts September 18 and ends Oct. 4th, better buy your plane tickets now).  So they decided it’s about time to hook up American craft beer drinkers that don’t come to Germany during Oktoberfest.  So they kegged a bunch of their beer and sent it over.  Lucky for us we can get it a week early.  Yeah, it kind of feels like cheating on the whole Oktoberfest thing but once you have a sip you kind of don’t care.

The head was white and the body a straw gold. It smelled bread dough, malty sweet with a hint of hops. To me, the aroma had almost a hint of banana but it could have just been the malt used.  I even thought the taste had a slight banana flavor but then I realized it was bready with just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of citrus. It had this hint of flavor that I couldn’t identify at the time and still can’t quite figure out.  I reminded me of bubble gum.  Not the gum itself, but the flavor the pink hard kind (bubble yum?) leaves in your mouth.  later I thought it might be cloves.  I know, not sure how those two could be the same, but they confused me. Ideas? The mouthfeel was creamy with the carbonation at the finish.  As I drank I noticed the head lingers down the side of the glass., heavier feeling than other blondes I have had. light tasting though just sits heavier. easily drinkable. no wonder they give it to you in a very large mug and it’s only at the Paulaner tent in Munich.  Highly recommend getting to Old Chicago for some before it’s all gone.

By the way since we are trying a Paulaner beer we thought this would be a great time to mention that back in July (during the World Cup) we had entered the Old Chicago World Cup Bracket Challenge.  To make a long story short, we won.  That’s right we both won.  We each turned in a slightly different bracket and somehow managed to score the same amount of points and tied.  So since we were married they just let us have the winnings and divide them how we wanted.

This is what we won.  Yeah that’s right it’s a 3 litre beer glass.  Doubt I’ll ever use it but who knows.



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