Buffalo Sweat (Tallgrass Brewing Co.)

No other beer at Tallgrass Brewing Co. made me stop and do a double take like Buffalo Sweat did (for you biologists out there I am fully aware that Buffalo are an African animal and Bison are what we have in the Americas.  And that they don’t sweat. They also have an African elephant on the IPA can. It’s all symbolism. Just think about Bison Sweat as a name though.  Not as good as Buffalo Sweat. Agreed.).

I was absolutely blown away by the flavor.  I’ve never had a cream stout (which means it’s made with milk sugar) quite like it.  Oh sure on our honeymoon I had a few cream stouts that reminded me of it, but they were usually drier and not as sweet.  And trust me, I’m not saying this because I’m biased towards Tallgrass Brewing Company’s beer. Which he is, but is it really bias if they actually are that good? I genuinely like and enjoy this beer. Me too. Now this isn’t a beer I can drink during the summer (well not much of it anyways). I can. With ice cream, in a float. I’m more of a seasonal drinker.  I like certain styles during certain times of the year.  As fall is rolling in the styles I will probably be drinking more of will include IPAs, Really? IPAs? They seem so summery to me I’d call them my June/July beer of choice. Amber ales, Stouts, Porters, and spice beers (such as Old Fizzywig from Boston Beer Company, and Pumpkin ales).   So for me Buffalo Sweat is just starting to really get good.

I have been able to get people that are normally wine drinkers to sample this one and really really really enjoy it.  We called it the red wine drinker’s beer at an event last weekend. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that the beer is not very beery.  The flavor is closer to an oatmeal chocolate cookie made with espresso blended up and placed inside a portable keg.

The color of the head is khaki and the body black.  Just because this beer is really dark doesn’t mean that it’s thick. I gave it to a lot of people who asked for the “lightest” beer we had and then looked at me in horror when I poured it and then were pleasantly surprised. Yes, when you pour it into a glass it looks viscus but I assure you that it will go down smooth and easily.  The aroma is chocolate, sweet, and coffee.  The taste is the same as the aroma.  It has a coffee bitterness (like espresso), it’s sweet, and chocolatey.  The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth.  As it warms it reminds me of an actual buffalo hide.  Ok, so I know that seems weird but here’s why Buffalo Sweat reminds me of, an actual buffalo hide.  I had an internship at the Kansas State Historical Society in 2004 and made an exhibit for Kansas Archeology Month (which is in April every year).  I used an old buffalo hide that had an old smoky, slightly musty, ruggedness to it.  It just had a smell of awesomeness about it (I don’t really know how else to describe it).  I have a friend that told me once that really old books smelled like heaven.  That’s how I felt about the hide.

This beer is very dark but don’t be afraid of the dark.  Some stouts are heavy feeling but Buffalo Sweat is one of the few that aren’t super heavy.  In fact, the best time to have one is right after a meal as desert.  The only problem is it’s so tasty that you will probably drink the entire 4 pack without meaning to or even thinking about it.



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