Tumbler (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.)

As Sierra Nevada Brewing Company celebrates their 30th anniversary this year they decided it’s time to open a new door and change things up a little.  One of those doors led them to Tumbler, a true Autumn beer.  Tumbler is an American Brown Ale.  For those of you that drink a lot of Sierra Nevada you’ll notice that normally this time of year would see the release of Anniversary, however, this year they released 4 anniversary ales throughout the year.  Seems a little silly to offer a six pack of Anniversary ales.  I loved Anniversary and I’m sad to see it go but I think Tumbler is a much nicer and tastier Autumn beer.  I didn’t really like beer in the past so I don’t know about Anniversary, but Tumbler is pretty high on my list. I like beers that remind me of seasons as I drink them.  In fact the first sip I had gave me an image in my head of a cool day with orange leaves on the trees and just wanting to sit near a fire while enjoying the changing leaves as they slowly fall to the ground.  I’m not sure how a beer can be so vivid in my mind, but it did. Some people read novels. Austin drinks beer.

The color of the head was a light tan while the body was a very dark brown.  The aroma was malty.  It had a little hint of chocolate happening as well.  The taste was chocolately with a hint of smoke.  I also noticed that it tasted slightly nutty.  The beer is also creamy smooth yet crisp but with a slightly warming sensation on the way down.  It might not be the best brown ale I’ve ever had (I’m still impressed though) but it’s a wonderful break from the usual fall ales.  Seriously, there are only so many Oktoberfest and Pumpkin ales one can have before they all start tasting the same.  Kudos to Sierra Nevada for changing it up.

Normally in this area is where I would put suggestions for other similar style beers.  This time though I’m not going to.  I’d really like to hear from you on some brown ales you’ve had.  What has caught your taste buds interest?  Have you had an image of something pop in your head upon first sip?  Let me know in the comments below.

And for those of you paying attention Tumbler is Sierra Nevada’s Autumn beer.  As of tonight (roughly 10:00 pm) fall offically begins.



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