Schlafly Scotch Ale (St. Louis Brewing Co.)

There is something about drinking a beer but having it taste like liquor.  I love bourbon aged stouts and Scotch ales for this reason.  The best Scotch ale I’ve had was at McCoy’s Public House and Brewkitchen in Kansas City.  So smooth and so well balanced I finished off the 11% ABV 10 ounce glass in about 15 minutes.  I wasn’t trying to do that.  It just happened.  Sure it did. It had the right amount of Scotch flavor upfront but finished with a nice beer flavor.  It was something unique.  I think it is only a seasonal or rare offering but if you make it to McCoy’s Public House in Westport, Kansas City you should hit them up (it won a Silver at the Great American Beer Festival).  Anyways on to the Schlafly Scotch Ale review.

The aroma was malty sweet with a hint of scotch (probably a more accurate description would be a hint of smoke).  The color of the head was an off-white (very light tan?) and the body a very dark brown.  The body wasn’t black but looked like close to it when the glass was on the table but when held up I could see that it was brown.  The taste was malty.  I didn’t really get the smokey/Scotch taste while drinking it.  I’m not sure if this was good or bad.  The beer was easily drinkable but if you are like me and kind of like the Scotch taste it might be a bit of a let down.  The beer did give a warming feeling in my chest similar to real Scotch so that was a plus.  The mouthfeel was creamy with subtle bubbles.  This beer isn’t bitter at all in fact it has a pleasant caramel finish.  So pretty much it’s a malty tasting beer.  This might be another great beer for starting into the world of craft beers.

Note the Campbell Tartan.

I didn’t realize until after I drank this beer that it was actually their spring seasonal.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how slow Kansas gets beer. And yes this beer was just bought a couple weeks ago.  It’s this delay and sometimes skipping of beers in Kansas that makes me wish I had enough followers and people interested in craft beer to start a petition to change some of the state laws regarding beer.  Not only will it help our local breweries but it will also expand the market of craft beers in the state.  Oh well. For now those of you that read my posts can enjoy great beers and mock your friends for not being in the know.  Perhaps someday your friends will tire of being mocked and start reading too.



3 responses to “Schlafly Scotch Ale (St. Louis Brewing Co.)

  1. Yeah, scotch ales are my favorite type of beer. They’re complex, tasty, and are usually an intense experience…yet somehow they’re very drinkable. My friend Teri and I are fans of the Belhaven Wee Heavy, for example. It’s not the greatest beer in the world…but it’s good. I wonder if you could ever review that? 🙂

  2. Well, then. Get to work!

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