Shiner Oktoberfest (Spoetzl Brewing Co.)

Since it is Oktoberfest in Germany until October 3rd I figured I would try to do a bunch of Oktoberfest beers.  They are technically only in season during this time so you might as well load up on it while you can.  Spoetzl Brewery is a fairly commonly found brewery in that most places have at least Shiner Bock  on tap or in store.  Mmm. Shiner Bock. Side story – we met a guy this weekend whose last name is Bach and wants to name his first boy Shiner. How cool is that? Pretty freaking. So I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to give an American-German brewery a shot at the Oktoberfest beers.

The color of the body is amber and the head has a white/off-white hue.   The aroma is sweet and fruity with light caramel hints.  The taste is kind of dry/semi-sweet with a bit of caramel and a light fruity finish.  This beer is lighter than other Oktoberfest beers I’ve been drinking lately.  It doesn’t sit as heavy and isn’t as sweet (unlike Left Hand and Spaten).  This one is more mellow.  There is still a hint of sweetness but it seems more balanced.  I’m not sure if sweeter is more traditional for Oktoberfest beers but Shiner claims this to be based on traditions.  I hope sweetness isn’t traditional because this is more balanced and easier to drink.   Although I did notice that as it warms it becomes sweeter.  Not like the others though.  For one it doesn’t linger, it just smacks your tongue to say I’m sweet then goes away.  Also it doesn’t make my throat hurt from sugary sweetness. I didn’t take notes. Bad beer blogger. I like it the best though, much cleaner taste and a lot more fun to drink.

Stay tuned for more Oktoberfest beers as I have several more to get through before the end of Oktoberfest.



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