IPA (Tallgrass Brewing Co.)

I’ll admit IPA by Tallgrass Brewing  Company was probably my first real obsession with their beers.  It’s my personal favorite. After living on the East coast and drinking their super hoppy IPAs it was nice to have a little more subtle IPA. Something that wasn’t in your face hoppy.  Even some of the Colorado IPAs I’ve had are very hoppy.  Some? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Colorado IPA that wasn’t super hoppy. I’m not saying they weren’t good, but they sure weren’t afraid of the hops. Most times in a harsh way.  I’m not saying this is bad.  I really like hoppy beers.  I’m just saying that sometimes I want a hoppy beer that doesn’t burn my throat.  Tallgrass Brewing Comapny’s IPA is just such a beer.  Sure it says 60 IBU and 6.3% ABV, but don’t be afraid of those numbers.  It really isn’t super bitter tasting.  I recommend going to a tour or sampling it at a beer fest somewhere see what you think.  Now on to the review.

The aroma has a bit of caramel, slightly fruity, but mostly florally.  It smells pretty, like flowers with a little sweetness. The color of the head was a light tan and the body a red/brown amber.  The taste does have a slightly bitter finish (but it’s not super bad).  The initial taste is semi-sweet but fades into bitter.  The mouthfeel is smooth (not creamy, but smooth).  I think Amber would describe this beer as a mouth full of fresh cut flowers in reference to the floral hops.  I believe what I said was it was like drinking a bouquet of flowers if that could be a positive experience. I find it to be a nice balance of malts & hops.  Neither one is overwhelming so it’s not like all you taste is the hops or the malt.   I found as the beer warmed it actually tasted a little better. The warmer the beer was the more it brings out the hops.  So if you aren’t into hops like me try drinking it a little cooler. I disagree. I taste more of the malt and floral hops as it warms, but less of the bitter hoppiness, probably in response to the higher malt sweetness.

For those of you that have noticed the African elephant on an India Pale Ale can, I can explain.  When Jeff Gill (founder of Tallgrass Brewing Co.) was asked that very question he said it represents imperialism.  See at the same time of the British control in India there were influences in Africa as well.  So it’s not about being accurate to the continent it’s about being closer to the idea.  Besides African elephants look way cooler (no offense to our Indian elephant readers out there).

What are some of your favorite IPAs?



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