Saranac Octoberfest (Matt Brewing Co.)

With Oktoberfest quickly coming to an end (Oct. 3) I suddenly find myself with several more Oktoberfest beers left to review.  It looks like I know how I’m spending the remainder of the week.  Next up is Saranac Octoberfest.  I’ve had a few of their beers before.  I think they offer a mixed pack and I sampled those offerings.  I can’t say I was blown away by their beers but they were good and very drinkable.  Octoberfest fits that bill quite nicely.  It’s yet another drinkable beer from Utica, New York.

The aroma is mostly caramel but has a hint of citrus. The color is a dark copper body and the head an off white.  The taste is sweet upfront but has a dry finish.  The body doesn’t seem to have much to it.  It’s not overly sweet which is good (I’m still not a really big fan of super sweet Oktoberfest beers).  It kind of reminds me of a less flavorful Shiner Oktoberfest.  Since it’s a pretty light flavored beer I could drink a lot of it.

I would have to say that this beer was a little bit of a let down for flavor.  I expected it to be similar to the others but it was just a little to plain for me.  It was horrible just not as much flavor as I had hoped for.  Oh well on to the next.



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