Bob’s ’47 Oktoberfest (Boulevard Brewing Co.)

I really like Bob’s ’47, but then again it’s hard to not like Boulevard in Kansas.  See one of things about Kansas when it comes to beer is that we are pretty loyal.  So loyal that if you ask Kansans what is their favorite “Kansas” beer is they will undoubtedly say Boulevard (and specifically Wheat).  The thing to remember is that Boulevard is not a Kansas beer.  Yes, it is from Kansas City.  But that is Kansas City Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas.  Kind of like the Royals and the Chiefs. The Wizards are the only professional sports team actually based in Kansas. But that’s a whole other conversation. There is a river that separates the two states and most of Kansas City is actually in Missouri.  Anyways the point is Kansans are blindly loyal.  When I was in Atlanta I missed Boulevard’s beer.  Lucky for me one of my adventures brought me back to Kansas for a month of work.  That work happened to fall in October.  That meant Bob’s ’47.  At the time that was like gold to me.  It tasted so good because I hadn’t had it for so long.  I still think it’s really good.  But I think it might have impressed a couple of my coworkers who sadly still cannot get any of it.  So for those of you that have had this one and miss it, this one is for you.

The color of the head is a light tan and the body copper.  The aroma was sweet and bready (I’m not sure I’ve had a non wheat beer that was bready in smell before).  The taste was caramel and I thought a hint of fruit.  It seemed to me to be semi-sweet and dry.  It was also slightly bitter and warming with a nice smoothness to it.  By far I found this one to be better than Saranac Oktoberfest and about as good as Shiner Oktoberfest.  A little sweeter than Shiner but it seems well balanced.

I only have one Oktoberfest beer remaining, Lakefront Brewery’s Oktoberfest.  So as Oktoberfest in Germany winds down so do my Oktoberfest beer reviews.  But don’t worry, next year there will be more.  But next up will be some Pumpkin ales followed by Christmas/Winter ales.



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