Oktoberfest (Lakefront Brewery)

So continuing my conquest through some of the available Oktoberfest (or Octoberfest depending on how they want to spell it) ales available in the area.  My final stop led me to Oktoberfest by Lakefront Brewery.  At this point, I’ve had several different Marzen lagers and to be honest several of them taste very similar.  I know that it’s a very particular style and that there probably aren’t too many ways to change it up, but you know it’s bad when it’s hard to recall what each one was like on an individual basis.  One good thing that has come out of the Oktoberfest beers is that I’ve noticed they don’t seem to come out as early as other autumn ales.  I didn’t see Bob’s ’47 until a couple of weeks ago.  I saw Shiner Oktoberfest about a week before Oktoberfest kicked off.  And Lakefront Brewery’s Oktoberfest I found about a week ago (although I wasn’t looking for it).  The point is Oktoberfest beers are pretty nice in that they come in close to Oktoberfest and leave shortly after.  They don’t start a month before and go away shortly into the season to make way for the next season’s ale.  Now if only other seasonal ales could show up when the season starts and go away when it’s done.

The color was a dark copper body with a light tan head (by now you should notice that the darker the beer the darker the head, thanks to the malts).  The aroma is sweet, primarily like caramel.  The taste is also sweet but in a way that doesn’t linger.  It’s also smooth and crisp. Overall I thought this one was very well done.  I like Lakefront Brewery.  The more I have their beers the more I really appreciate them.  I just wish they received a little more attention in the area (I have 2 more beers in the fridge by them, a pumpkin ale and New Grist which is a sorghum based beer).

Oktoberfest is sweeter than Shiner Oktoberfest and Bob’s ’47, but it’s done really well.  I’ve mentioned before about some of the beers being so sweet that my throat would hurt.  While I’m glad to say that my throat didn’t hurt from this one.  I actually thought that this one was a little less bland than some.  I would probably rank this as one of my favorite Oktoberfest beers (of this year).



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