Flashback India style Brown Ale (Boulder Beer Co.)

I love Brown ales.  I also love IPAs.  Leave it to Boulder Beer to combine those two and leave me in complete awe.   This beer was first brewed for  Boulder Beer’s 30th anniversary and went over so well that it’s now a year round brew.  I have to admit I’m pretty excited to know that I can get this beer anytime I want.  Thinking about the history of the IPA, I have to admit that I don’t know much about this style.  He makes the India Style Brown. He could give an hour lecture on the IPA. From what I can find online it seems to be an American thing.  But it does make me wonder if the British did make some IBAs for soldiers in India during their time there.

The color of the head was a light tan and the body a gorgeous ruby brown.  The aroma was mostly caramel with citrusy hops.  The head lingers on side of glass.  The taste was citrusy with a hint of roastiness, a combination of biscuit and chocolate.  The roastiness gives it a slight bitterness and at the back I noticed a slight nuttiness.  This is definitely an American hopped beer as they use Cascade hops Americans are hell for Cascade hops (the taste is very noticeable).  The finish had a kind of warming effect in my chest.  As I said earlier, I’m just a really big fan of the hoppy brownness of this beer.  Brown ales and super hoppy beers equal awesomeness (in my opinion).

This beer is probably one of my new favorite beers.  I really enjoy it and I think if you’ve gotten into hoppy beers you might find this one to be a nice change of pace from pale ales and IPAs.  I did a quick search as to others IBAs and didn’t come up with too many.  This is a beer style you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for.



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