Wheat State Golden (Free State Brewing Co.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Wheat State Golden by Free State Brewing Company.  Finally, after a couple-few years of problems (a fire burned their warehouse, issues with the labels, etc) Free State have their bottling line up and running.  They are currently offering 4 beers (Oatmeal Stout, Ad Astra Ale, Copperhead Pale Ale, and this one) in bottle.  So that’s the good news.  The bad news is that they are in Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City.  I was informed that after the start of the year they will likely be in the Manhattan area.  We’ll have to wait and see.  For now though you could drive to Topeka and pick up a six pack (or several, you’ve got to stock up so you don’t make that trip to often). Your carbon footprint says you must.

The aroma is crackery (smells like a Ritz cracker). The color of the head is white and the body a golden amber (maybe coppery) hue.  The taste is slightly bitter, crisp, and dry.  It kind of tastes like caramel wheat.  As the beer warms it smooths out and has a bit of a creamy texture.  I found this to be a great beer for a warm night.  I’m sure though it’s just as good on a warm day as well.  BeerAdvocate says this beer is “fashioned after the Kolsch style but made like an altbier.  Whatever that really means.  I know that I like it.  This probably won’t be a beer I have in the middle of winter but I know what will be on my list of summer beers for next year.

I’m glad to see more Kansas beers on the market.  I love me  some Tallgrass and Annie’s Amber Ale but since we as a state are between 2 major beer markets I would think Kansas would be full of breweries.  Seriously, there are a bunch of breweries in Missouri and Colorado.  There should be several more in between.  Kansas needs to realize that there is money being lost by not promoting it’s own breweries and allowing that industry to grow here.  I want more local beers.  More breweries equals more choice.  Which leads to more people enjoying craft beer.



2 responses to “Wheat State Golden (Free State Brewing Co.)

  1. I really like this beer but I like their Copperhead Pale Ale ever more. I picked some up a few weeks ago in the town of Rossville, about 17 miles WEST of Topeka on Highway 24 in their small liquor store. Totally surprised to see it there. Hopefully it continues to make its way west in the very near future.

    • That is exciting news! I’m glad to see them slowly working westwards. I actually have Copperhead Pale Ale in the works for a review as well as Ad Astra and Oatmeal Stout. Thanks for reading!

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