Pursuit of Hoppiness (Grand Teton Brewing Co.)

I think it’s really awesome that I managed to find some at Heritage Wine and Liquor in Manhattan.  That’s right. You may recall that I mentioned Pursuit of Hoppiness in the Sheepeater review.  Well now I have another bottle (and the last time I was there they still had some).  Pursuit of Hoppiness by Grand Teton Brewing Company is an American Red Ale (which means it’s a red ale that has American hops in it).  It, like Sheepeater, is focused on one key ingredient of beer as mentioned by the Reinheitsgebot.  This one though is focused on hops (bet you didn’t see that one coming with a name like Pursuit of Hoppiness).   It weighs in at 100 IBU and 8.9% ABV which seems very frightening but it’s really not.  Trust me.  This beer goes down super smooth.  In fact here’s our notes on it:

The color of the head is tan and the body a gorgeous ruby red.  The aroma is an amazing mix of citrus and floral hops with a hint of caramel malt.   It smells amazing. The taste is just wow.   Agreed. Wow. It’s sweet with a citrusy bitterness.  It really doesn’t seem all that hoppy.  Like it’s hoppy in the best way possible and much sweeter than I expected. The front is smooth and citrusy sweet while the finish is warming and slightly bitter.  I thought the Sheepeater Scotch Ale was good but wow this one really showcases the hop character without blowing my socks off.  The 100 IBU will probably scare a lot of people but I think you should at least sample the amazingness of well balanced hops.  Again wow, this is a must try beer.  Seriously. You must. I command you.

The more I drink Grand Teton Brewing’s beers the more I like them.  They really do have a lot of great beers and the good news is that we get most of them in the Manhattan area.  If you aren’t sure where to find them I recommend going to Nespor’s in Westloop, Heritage on Highway 24, Frontier in Junction City (on Chestnut St), and I’m sure there are others in Manhattan and the surrounding areas, but I don’t have the time to visit them all.  What have you seen at your local liquor store?  Anything you want me to review (or at least photograph since I get a lot of compliments on them)?



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