Copperhead Pale Ale (Free State Brewing Co.)

In case you are wondering, yes we still have a lot of pale ales to get through.  Luckily I decided to take a break from those and have a local pale ale.  I know it’s still a pale ale, but seriously I still have a six pack to get through.  This is number 2 of the newly bottled beers released by Free State Brewing Company.  The first I had was the Wheat State Golden.  Copperhead Pale Ale is nice American Pale Ale (APA).  It’s nothing fancy but it is style standard. I agree.  There really isn’t much that stands out to me about this one. Not that it’s not good. It’s good, just not a super creative take on a pale ale which might be a good thing. There is a lot to be said for reliability.

The body color was copper and the head a light tan.  The aroma was almost entirely citrusy although there was a hint of caramel (but mostly it smelled like lemons).  The taste was also very citrusy (surprise, surprise).  It was also notably bitter and dry with, get this, a lemony bitter finish.  No really. It was lemony. Surprisingly though the citrusiness helps cancel out some of the dryness and gives it a slight crisp feeling.  

Can anyone tell me why there is a picture of a copper TAIL hawk on the bottle of a beer called Copperhead (as in snake)?

For those of you that are going to Lawrence on October 14th for the KSU vs. KU game, I highly recommend you go earlier and stop at Free State Brewing Company for dinner and a few beers.  If not then stop by a liquor store and pick up a six pack (or four) since those of us in the Manhattan area are not privileged enough to have it here yet.



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