Hey Nebraska! Beer me!

I have made a decision today that I hope will inspire those of you that read the blog to join my cause.  I have decided to make it a personal mission to start getting more local beers distributed in Kansas.  Yes, Kansas has Tallgrass Brewing Company, High Noon Saloon and Free State Brewing Company but there are several breweries in Nebraska.  There are at least 4 breweries that distribute.  None of which come to Kansas.  They are Nebraska Brewing Company, Empyrean Brewing Company, Thunderhead Brewing Company and Lucky Bucket Brewing Company.  There is another that produces some great beer but does not distribute they only bottle special beer for take home (Upstream Brewing Company). 

Several of these breweries have won numerous awards and medals for their beer.  Yet we are unable to try them unless we drive to Nebraska.  I don’t know about you but I don’t always have the time to devote to that drive.  So I would like to see some of us contacting these breweries and asking them to come to Kansas (Facebook, Twitter, email).  I have been doing this off and on with Nebraska Brewing Company.  My latest endeavor was during the Nebraska/Kansas State game.  I made a friendly wager with them that if Nebraska wins they bring their beer to Kansas and if KSU wins they bring their beer to Kansas.  I know it’s much of a bet and seems mostly like they would win but the idea was to have them recognize that there are people in Kansas that want a well crafted brew.  I believe that if we start asking our local liquor stores to carry it they will be forced to ask their distributors for it and eventually each of these companies will recogonize the demand and will then bring their beers southward. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Nebraska craft beer scene, please do not deny us your fine ales.  We are losing a long standing rivalry when NU leaves for the Big 10 so please send us some of your beer so that we may let bygones be bygones and celebrate our love of beer (and the destruction of Ohio State).  I hope that somehow this post finds you so that you may turn your ears south and hear our cries for your beers.



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