Mojo India Pale Ale (Boulder Beer Co.)

Yeah Baby! Okay, so it’s very difficult to type an Austin Powers impression, but you get the idea (I bet you read it with the English accent though).  Mojo (That’s mo-jo. Every time I read it I think Mo-ho like the sauce in Spanish, but that’s way off.) India Pale Ale from Boulder Beer Company is another great IPA from Colorado (not to be confused with Mojo Risin’ which is a double IPA). No seriously, they won the United States Beer Tasting Championship for IPA this year.  Congrats!

The color of the head is off white and the body a golden orange.  The aroma is a nice caramel and citrus mix (again with the chocolate hints, am I the only one that smells and tastes that?).  The taste is sweet upfront with a bitter finish.  It has a slightly citrusy taste that is slightly harsher than Tallgrass IPA as the hops are more at the back of throat and let you know they are there.  Like, all the hoppiness is in the back. This isn’t bad at all but if you aren’t a fan of hops you will notice it.  I actually like it.  It’s like finding a salsa that you really like where the bite isn’t overwhelming but balanced just right so you get just a nip of spiciness while not setting off a fire alarm.  He’s a bit picky about his salsa.

I recommend getting Boulder Beer’s mix pack so you can sample 4 different beers.  It’s a great way to be introduced to their beers, plus you don’t get a full six pack of any one of their beers so if you don’t like it then you only have 3 to get through.  The mix pack I had featured Sweaty Betty, Flashback, Hazed and Infused, and Mojo.  Flashback will likely be swapped out for a different beer as they usually put a seasonal in the pack.  So it’s kind of a surprise as to what you’ll get.  But check them out they make great beer (even if they do make fun of a fly in a picture).



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