Ad Astra Ale (Free State Brewing Co.)

Ad Astra Per Aspera.  That means “to the stars through difficulty” in Latin.  It’s the Kansas state motto and the name of the third beer available from Free State Brewing Company in bottles.  I’ll admit this one is not one of my favorites from Free State.  It is quite tasty, just not the most exciting in my opinion.  I hope they start spreading farther west and get a little bigger so they start releasing some of their other beers.

The color  of the head was a light tan and the body a dark reddish brown.  The aroma was caramel with what I thought was florally hops.  The taste was not as sweet as I thought it would be based off of the aroma.  The finish has a nice bitter bite to it.  Texturally it was smooth with a light very crisp feeling.  I think the best description of it is that it tastes kind of clean.  I feel like it seems that something was happening in the aroma but then it was gone in the taste.  It’s good, but again not one my favorites.  This might be one of those beers that I am going to have to drink a lot of to see if it grows on me.

I have been going to the Free State Brewing Co. webpage to see if they update some of their beers and happenings.  I hadn’t noticed much of anything until I checked them out for this post and, low and behold, they have an updated beer list.  Currently available are: Ad Astra Ale, Big Sea E.S.B., Copperhead Pale Ale, Harvest Ale, Lemon Grass Rye, Oatmeal Stout, Octoberfest, Thunderhead Pale, Wheat State Golden, and Thomas Paine Porter.  I’m sure they have some more available, but at least there is a different list online.  Since they are now distributing, I hope they update a little more often so people all over the state can see the happenings there.



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