Saranac Pale Ale (Matt Brewing Co.)

As the summer drew to a close so did my wife’s desire to drink shandy’s and raddlers.  That left me with about 5 beers that I hadn’t planned on reviewing individually.  Ooops. I know. He has it so hard. What’s the downside?  Nothing really.  Other than I had several pale ales to get through so I could get back to the other seasonal ales I have (mostly pumpkin left now).  I’m a serious slacker. I didn’t even test many of them even though pale ales are my favorite style. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s actually kind of nice being able to drink a pale ale on an afternoon that reaches 80 degrees knowing full-well that in a couple of hours it will be 50 if not 40 (as my dad would say, “welcome to Kansas”).  The great thing is that pale ales are usually lighter in bitterness and crisp so it brings this nice balance.  A balance that seems to mimic the weather right now.  The hops are like the daytime temperture and the crispness is like the night time temperture.  I might have to move pale ales to my spring and fall time seasonal drinking (probably will still drink this style year round).  On to the review.

The color of the body is a slightly lighter looking amber (perhaps golden orange) while the head is off-white.  The aroma is mostly caramel with slight citrus notes.  The taste up front was sweet (not hoppy) caramel with a bit of  toastedness and smoothness.  I actually like this one more than their Oktoberfest.  As pale ales go this one seems to have a fuller body (and by that I mean more malt).  But the citrus finish balances out the malt and provides just the right amount of bitterness.  It feels a little thicker though because of the extra malt.  It has a consistency of watered down syrup (but it’s still good).  I could easily drink a lot more of this beer, but probably not very fast.  I think the maltiness might lead to a sugar hangover.

Stay tuned for more pale ale reviews in the coming days (maybe weeks).



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