Hoptober Golden Ale (New Belgium Brewing Co.)

Breaking away from the pale ales briefly found me wandering into the New Belgium Brewing area of my fridge (I don’t really have them separated by brewer, but maybe I should).  He should. When you have an entire fridge with nothing but beer and your lunches, you need an organizational system. Hoptober Golden Ale was there like a shimmering light.  Something different and something that last year was borderline obsession.  Something about this beer was different and awesome.  The first sip I had reminded me of cool nights like being at a football game or sitting around a fire with friends.  It was really amazing.  This year, I didn’t get that feeling.  In fact, I feel like they changed up the recipe.  For some reason it just isn’t the same.

The head color was white and the body golden.  The aroma was lemony citrus, semi-sweet and crackery.  The lemony smell was the first thing that I noticed to be different (I really don’t remember the lemony smell from last year).  The taste was lemony, semi-dry, crisp, warming and crackery.  Ok, the lemony thing is really distracting.   The lemon smell and taste make me think of this beer as more of a summer beer than an Autumn beer.  I don’t remember thinking it was that lemony, but I don’t have tasting notes from any of the Hoptobers I’ve had this fall.

Normally I really like New Belgium Brewing Company’s beers but for some reason this year’s Hoptober is just lacking.  I believe last year was the first year of Hoptober so it is likely they changed the recipe but why the lemon smell and taste.



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