India Pale Ale (BridgePort Brewing Co.)

BridgePort Brewing Company was one of the breweries that I really wanted to go to on our honeymoon. I loved their Hop Czar Imperial IPA.  However, we were somewhat disappointed in their beer.  I’m not sure if by that point in our honeymoon we were burnt out on IPAs Never! or if we were burnt out on beer in general (remember we did try 106 different beers). Never, ever! Well, maybe. It may also have been that the BridgePort beers were not as hoppy as the others we had had and so we just weren’t expecting a lower IBU beer that was well balanced.  I really don’t think that was the problem. I was glad to see that during Amber’s purchase of pale ales and IPAs for the raddlers and shandy mixes she picked this one up.  I figured it would be a way to see if it really wasn’t that good or if it was good and perhaps we were suffering from pallete fatigue.

The color of the head was white and the body a golden amber.  The aroma was floral with a slight caramel/semi-sweet nose.  The taste was mostly floral hops.  It was smooth and well balanced.  The hops were not overly florally but  balanced well with the malt.  I’ll admit though, not much else was happening. I never said they were bad, just lacking some of the creativity I’d gotten used to in Portland. The warmer it gets the better it seems to taste. It’s sweeter and not as florally blah.  Instead it’s more florally sweet.  I actually kind of like it but only the warmer version (not the straight from the fridge version).

I still think this beer isn’t quite all there.  It’s not one I will go out of my way to buy, but I would drink it if it was available.  A six pack every now and then wouldn’t be a bad thing ,but I don’t see myself stocking the fridge with it.  Hop Czar on the other hand I would. Agreed. That one is amazing.



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