Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (St. Louis Brewing): Week 5

Week 5?!? Where did the time go?  There doesn’t seem much separating this week from last week.  Except me getting a Ph.D. No biggie. Oh, you mean about the beer. Right. I did notice that in the aroma the nutmeg seemed to not be as noticable.  It seemed to be primarily the cloves and cinnamon. The cinnamon is becoming more dominant as time progresses. Upon the first sip I noticed the beer tasted a little more like pumpkin and less like a mouthful of spices.  I still think it’s sweeter than necessary (i.e. I just can’t get past that. Sorry. It’s a flavor bias I’m working on). It could also be that I drank it right after a sour beer, but I don’t think that’s it. In fact it made me think of dipping my finger into the pumpkin pie mix just after sugar was added and before it was baked.  I believe it would actually be an unbaked custard at that point. The finish was still very cinnamon-y.  I could really taste the cinnamon at the back of and on the roof of my mouth.

Overall I liked the clove and cinnamon in the aroma with more pumpkin flavor. I think this week and Week 4 are probably the ideal time for it.  In fact, since Week 1 I would say the beer has improved about 89%. I’m curious about how that was calculated too, but I don’t think we’re getting any answers.



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