Faro (Lindemans)

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like sour beers.Hence, I’m officially the go-to person on Lambics and other wild fermented beers. I’m not sure Austin knows that yet, but he will as soon as he reads this post. I’m sure he won’t mind.

Lindemans Faro is a wheat Lambic made by blending a “one summer” Lambic (it’s one summer old), an old Lambic (it’s older than that I suppose), and then sweetening it with candy sugar. The concoction resembles carbonated ice tea in the glass. It has a whole lot of head at the pour, but it quickly settles down to a nice thin layer of tiny bubbles. The aroma is dominated by sour, wheat, and sweetness. It’s sugary, grainy, slight fruity. It tasted a lot sweeter than I expected from the aroma and not nearly as sour. It reminded me a little of lemonade, but I’m not sure if that’s actually citrus flavor or a mental association with a sweet/sour beverage. It’s more like sprite than beer. Yum. It tastes like a Long Island Ice Tea made with root beer instead of cola. I didn’t notice the root beer-ness at all until Austin mentioned it, but he’s right as usual. I couldn’t help but notice it from then on.

Highly reccomended if you can get your hands on it.



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