Pumpkin Beer (O’Fallon Brewery)

Thanks Curtis for the suggestion! This one rocks out!

After going to multiple liquor stores in Manhattan (and having been told that O’Fallon does not sell well enough to stock and some liquor stores will never carry them again) my parents were kind enough to grab some while at a wedding in Kansas City this weekend.  Thankfully we got to try this one.  This is a fantastic beer.  I’m not sure I’ve had a lot from O’Fallon (clearly it doesn’t sell well around here so it’s difficult to find) but I really like this one.  Thanks again to Curtis our KC distribution reader for suggesting this one.

The body is a pale orange caramel with a cream head.  The aroma was of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves (pretty standard), but more subtle than most. The taste was a little surprising.  It tastes like a malty pumpkin with a creamy feel. No really, it only has the slightest of spice flavors (I assume that’s coming from the aroma not the taste). It also seemed semi-sweet.  It’s nice to have the spices in the aroma with the pumpkin and malt in the taste.  The creaminess is also a very nice surprise.  Usually Pumpkin beers feel syrupy but this one is creamy.

This is a fantastic beer and I can see why it was selling so well in the KC area.  It’s too bad that O’Fallon doesn’t sell well in Manhattan.  I would love to try some of their other beers.



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