Private Reserve Pumpkin Cider (Woodchuck Cidery)

Austin’s mom tends to keep a supply of hard cider in the beer fridge and we snagged this one to review. It’s not technically a pumpkin beer, but it is a pumpkin fermented beverage (well at least they threw some pumpkin in at the end of fermentation). Close enough.

It’s a light pale amber with a ton of bright white head that foams up and then dissipates almost immediately (fun fact: it’s the protein in the beer that keeps the head there. Since cider is made with apples instead of grain there is a lot less protein to make it last).

The aroma was of apples and alcohol (I thought it smelled a little weird like chemically or something, but my nose has been off lately so you should probably take Austin’s word for it). The taste was sugary sweet yet crisp with a slight pumpkin finish (Oh my Jesus! No really. It’s that sweet, but not syrupy). I think the sourness and the carbonation help a lot with that. Without them it might seem like you were drinking a glass of apple syrup, at least to someone who normally drinks beer. It tastes like Granny Smith apples and sugar. I didn’t notice the pumpkin at all, but my palate was in shock. Fair warning: if you drink it (even just one with dinner) you will have a headache in the morning, at least according to our very scientific two person sample (Take her word on that as I only drank enough for the review and let her finish the glass).



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