Mephistopheles’ Stout (Avery Brewing Co.)

The day after Halloween is known as All Saints Day.  So I figured that to honor this day I would do a couple of reviews.  The first is Mephistopheles’ Stout by Avery Brewing Company.  Mephistopheles is not a saint.  Actually he is pretty far from one; he is a fallen angel that appeared in German stories back as early as the 1500s. In fact, the majority of the stories come from Faust. That’s why his name sounded so familiar. I heart Faust. I picked this beer to review first on All Saints Day because all things light and good need something dark and bad in order to survive.  I know that is very Yin and Yang of me but it’s true.  So bear with me as we get through this very dark and frightening beer first.

The color of the body is black and the head is light brown (it’s a little darker than the inside of a malted milk ball).  The aroma is entirely roasted and chocolate  a really deep, complex chocolate like a fancy truffle – not Halloween candy chocolate, with a not so subtle alcohol aroma. The taste is chocolaty and creamy with a very warming finish.   The mouthfeel is THICK! I mean really thick. If you think Guinness is a thick beer then this one is a quadruple Guinness. It’s like dessert in a glass.

Warning: do not drink this beer fast! It has a very very very high alcohol content (15.92% ABV).  That’s right, almost 16% ABV.  This is not a beer to drink a lot of in one sitting.  In fact, we recommend that if you get this beer you have a few friends to share it with.  It is very good but the high alcohol content and expensive price is a major reason to share it.  Keep in mind that even though this beer is very expensive for a 12 oz bottle it is really, really amazing.  Give it a try at least once.  Think of it as if you are paying per ABV percentage instead of 12 ounces of beer.  Other than the price and high ABV I say open a bottle and let the darkness into you.  The pure blackness of Mephistopheles will sway and corrupt you but, as with his nature, will also give you time to save yourself.



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