Salvation (Avery Brewing Co.)

Salvation is a Belgian Style Golden Ale by Avery Brewing Company.  I know we picked two beers by the same brewery for All Saints Day but it is difficult to find saint related beers at the last minute and Avery is all about religious names for their beers.  The first and most important part of this beer I noticed was a saying on the label. I’m not sure I’d say a saying on the label is the most important part of this beer (well the beer is the most important part but the saying to spoke to me so it set my mood for this beer). Salvation is discovering your passion, purpose, meaning in life. We brew. What about you?  With beer I have discovered my passion, purpose, and meaning in life.  Now I just need to start brewing to bring my beer ideas to the world.  They really do sound amazing. Your mind will be blown. The importance of choosing this beer to follow Mephistopheles’ Stout was to offset the darkness and fullness that was a nearly two year old stout (yeah sorry I forgot to mention that the bottle we drank was bottled in November of 2008).  Salvation was a way of ridding ourselves of the demon that was Mephistopheles and enlightening our minds.

The body color was a gorgeous golden with a pure white head.  The aroma was fruity and a subtle maltiness.  The taste was of banana with what I thought was a hint of vanilla.  It was also sugary sweet with a grapefruit hop taste.  The mouthfeel was smooth.  I like it.   Amber doesn’t as she’s against Belgian yeast.  Oh well her loss. I’m not against it. I just find that the last several beers I haven’t cared for are brewed with it. I think they make some ester I’m not fond of or something.

The lightness and semi-crispness of this beer make it fantastic for sitting back and enjoying while taking life slowly.  It’s a fantastic way to seek forgiveness for becoming disconnected from your true self.  In a way Salvation is enlightening and relaxing.  So buy a bottle, open it up, and pour yourself a glass and just sit back and let the wave of Salvation overwhelm you as you find balance and peace.



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