Schlafly A IPA (St. Louis Brewing Co.)

There can’t be good living where there isn’t good drinking – Benjamin Franklin

That was a quote found on the bottle of Schlafly A IPA.  I have to agree with Benjamin Franklin.  Life does seem a little nicer when there is good drinking with good friends.  And it seems the more I drink Schlafly the more I like their beers.  I haven’t had too many that I thought were bad or that I wouldn’t drink again.  In fact, the only one I can think of was their Raspberry Hefeweizen.  I’m not a big fan of heavy fruit flavors in beer so I typically stay away from them.  I think fanatically opposed might be the correct term. This beer is an American IPA (hence the A IPA).  What that means is that they use all American hops and malts in it.  It also means it will be hoppy. Americans are obsessed with hops. In fact a friend of mine informed me that when a beer says American and then the style it means it will be hoppy (for example Rogue American Amber Ale is a super hoppy Amber Ale).  Schlafly A IPA is no different.  It’s hoppy but really good.  Here’s the review.

The color of the body is dark copper and the head is light tan.  The aroma was caramel with citrus notes.  The taste was sweet caramel with a grapefruit/citrus hops flavor.  The hops cause a warming sensation on the way down which means this beer is bitter.

The grapefruit flavor is a very welcome change.  Despite the hop burn it is really good.  I’m a big fan of their Coffee Stout but I think I might add this one to my list of favorites from Schlafly.  If you are brave enough for the hops give this one a try.  I think the grapefruit notes will be a bit of a pleasant surprise.



3 responses to “Schlafly A IPA (St. Louis Brewing Co.)

  1. I too, like you, seem to enjoy the majority of Schlafly beers I try. I havent had this one in awhile (the last time I had it, it was called just APA), but I remember it really impresed me. Even to this day I compare most American IPAs to this particular Schlafly version. After reading your post I may have to go out and get some this evening and relive this good brew.

  2. Hi James,
    This is a different beer from our APA. The AIPA is an 8% abv whereas the APA is much more a session-ish beer. The AIPA is also a seasonal brew by us that is currently out of season and unfortunately you won’t be able to find it at stores again until next summer. The Schlafly APA is a year round brew and can be easily found anywhere that distributes Schlafly Beer.

    • First off a big thanks to you guys at Schlafly for clarifying that distinction. I completely forgot the fact you offer the APA. Another big thanks for reading my little blog and keep up the good work.

      James, I have another Schlafly special reserve that will posted in the next few weeks that I was going to talk about the fact that in some of the liquor stores in the Manhattan KS area the Special Reserves don’t seem to sell very quickly. The review that is planned is the Schlafly Extra Stout. In the picture I took you can clearly see a date of February on it. I’m not sure why it is that I can buy six packs that are almost a year old but I can. In fact the Extra Stout six pack was purchased in early October. You may have to wait until next summer to get the AIPA but if you keep your eyes peeled you may come across some.

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