Schlafly Extra Stout (St. Louis Brewing Co.)

The same day I did the Belhaven Scottish Ale I decided I would do Schlafly Extra Stout as well.  After all it was a rainy, cloudy, cool day and there would be no better day to do a review of a beer featuring Irish moss (well except St. Patrick’s Day).  I really like stouts and extra stout means that there is just that much more to love.

The color of the body is black and the head khaki. This beer pours thick so be warned it will look like motor oil.  The aroma is mostly roasted and smokeiness.  In fact, I think it smells like bacon (which means I’m already a huge fan).  Huge. The initial taste even seemed to taste like bacon (very cool).  After that though it has a very coffee/roastedness with a hint of chocolate (almost dark chocolate; I say that because it was a dark bitter chocolate flavor).  Dark chocolate bacon. Mmm. That also means it’s semi-dry and yet semi-sweet in overall mouthfeel.  This is a really great beer.  St. Louis Brewing Company seems to make some really great special release beers.  I have to admit the more I drink them the more I like them.  I think I might have to pick up some of their standards and see what I think of those.

For those who noticed (and for those who will now look since I’m saying something about it) the date on the bottle does say February 3, 2010. Is that a purchase by date or a produced on date? Either way it’s old for most beers. This is ok though.  Some beers can age more gracefully than others.  This is one of those beers.  Although it should be noted that the 6 pack of Extra Stout had been recently purchased.  What that means is people are not drinking special releases fast enough around here.  This is why some liquor stores are no longer carrying some Missouri and Colorado beers in Kansas.  Go out and get this one if you can still find it but also next year pick it up early and help clear the shelves.  Show the breweries that Kansans really do enjoy good beer.



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