Late Harvest Autumn Ale (Redhook Ale Brewery)

As I sat outside watching the combine across the road cut milo Time warp. Sorry for the delay.That’s all my fault. I decided it was time to crack open Late Harvest Autumn Ale.  Of course the day was in the 80s so it didn’t exactly feel like it was Autumn but I assure you it was. I also didn’t feel like it was the late enough in harvest time to warrant a beer called Late Harvest Autumn Ale but then I realized that it really was that late in the year.  Well at least it definitely is now.

The aroma was sweet, caramel, and fruity citrusy.  The color of the head was a light tan while the body was a ruby amber/dark copper color.  The taste was very similar to the Oktoberfest beers that we previously reviewed but has a distinctive toasted flavor similar to a few of the amber ales we also reviewed.  I thought that was very nice and tasty.  I’m not sure if the toastyness is something that was supposed to be noticed but I did. It was a nice change up for autumn ales.  According to the Redhook website they claim to have used 4 malts (one is smoke) as well as a chestnut color (what exactly is the color of a chestnut?). It’s a redish not-so-dark brown.

I’ll admit I’m kind of confused about this beer.  I feel like it’s an amber ale but at the same time a brown ale.  I don’t know what it it’s supposed to be.  Their website wasn’t helpful either.  Whatever.  I like this beer.  It’s different from what I’m used to, but in a good way.  I would drink this beer as a nice break for in between the more standard autumn ale.

Of course I did this review in early October and I didn’t get around to editing and posting it until mid November.  Sorry about that folks. What kind of person prioritizes finishing their Ph.D over their beer blog? Seriously.



2 responses to “Late Harvest Autumn Ale (Redhook Ale Brewery)

  1. Yo, make your beer pic narrower because it’s being overlapped by the comments-bar on the right.

    Glad you’re posting.

    Have you tried the Sam Adams Imperial Stout? It’s like liquorice. They have “anise” in it (

    • Done. Does it look better? Yes I have if it’s the one that is part of their Imperial series. I have not done a review of it yet but I’m sure I will get around to it. As for the liquorice I did not know they used anise in it. That’s really cool.

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