Odd Notion Fall ’10 (Magic Hat Brewing Co.)

I have mentioned my love of Wit ales in past posts so I figured Fall ’10 by Magic Hat Brewing (part of their Odd Notion series) would be amazing.  I think I actually found a Wit I’m not a huge fan of.  Ouch. That’s harsh for the first two sentences. They infused it with fruit flavor that in my opinion isn’t an odd notion.  My opinion on fruit beers is that they should be subtle.  For the record I didn’t even notice the fruity-ness, but I don’t like wits. Adding too much fruit to a lighter flavored beer will result in it being a little harsh.  I actually woke up with a headache the morning after having this one because of the fruity sweetness.  This beer came out of mixed pack that my parents picked up while attending a cousin’s wedding in KC.  Here’s the review.

The color was a hazy gold (just like a hefeweizen) with a white head.  The aroma  was fruity (apple) and sweet.  The aroma was almost purely apple-esqe.  Nope. Didn’t smell any apple. Just wit. At first I didn’t know what to think (other than I really hope it’s just in the aroma).  It was so strong I could smell it while I stood 3 ft away.  The taste was fruity as well (go figure) with a lightness and crispness to it that is a standard with Wit ales.  I think the odd notion of this beer is due to the fact that as opposed to a typical summer beer this Wit was a fall beer.  Amber hates it. I don’t hate it. I just wouldn’t intentionally drink it again. Not the beer’s fault though. I don’t generally like Wits and it has both a Belgian Wit yeast and coriander. I’m not sure which it is but I generally don’t care for it. It’s too fruity for my taste. I can’t even taste the fruit. Seriously. She loved the label art though. It was sweet. I kinda of thought this beer seemed to be a mix of a cider and Wit.  To me that’s to much sweetness.

There are three more beers in the mixed pack from this Vermont brewery.  I know it’s not a beer that we can find in Kansas, but if you are in or near KC just cross the border and grab a pack.  Give it a try and stay tuned for the remaining 3 beers.



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