Pale Ale (Boulevard Brewing Co.)

I believe we originally did this review during the Old Chicago Boulevard tour but I’m not sure where our notes are.  The brightside is Amber bought this one for her raddler and shandy mix so I got to redo the review.  Growing up in Kansas most people drink large conglomerate corporation beer.  When they don’t, they usually drink Boulevard.  In fact, I’ve come to realize that Boulevard is what most people in Kansas consider a Kansas beer.  They are in Missouri, not Kansas. They are not a Kansas beer.  The truth is I don’t find their beer exciting or different/new. It’s good though. It tastes like the standard style.  The beers from them I really like are from the Smokestack series.  And thankfully they are now in 4 packs of 12 oz bottles instead of the usual champagne bottle.  Now you don’t have to drink the whole thing in one sitting.  Anyways on to the review.

The color of the head is a light tan while the body a hazy amber.  The aroma is sweet caramel, citrusy, and a little bready.  The taste is a dry bitter with a hint of caramel and a very light citrusy finish.  The mouthfeel is not very smooth. It reminds me of an English bitter more than a pale ale (I know they are in the same family and very similar, but it really tastes like an English bitter like Fuller’s).  It’s not a super exciting beer.  Good, but not exciting.  I’m not sure if this is one I would go out of my way for, but it might be good for starting to like pale ales or bitter beer.  As it warms I taste a little more of the citrusiness and it sweetens up some too.  It actually tastes better about 10 to 15 minutes out of the fridge rather than straight from the fridge (I believe we noticed this at Old Chicago as well).  I’m starting to think that pale ales, bitters, IPAs should be served around 40-45 degrees (I really should look into the proper serving temperature of different styles and make a post about that).

Like I said, Boulevard’s standard beers are not exciting beers. They are however a good example of standard styles.  If you are interested in knowing what some of the styles should be like, check them out.  As for me I’ll reserve drinking Boulevard for when there isn’t anything else.




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