Hazed & Infused (Boulder Beer Co.)

Hazed and Infused by Boulder Beer is a really fantastic beer.  The first time I had it I was living in Atlanta and it just showed up on tap at my local bar, the Brockett Pub (oh how I miss that place).  Me too. I was really blown away by it, but was saddened that there was only one keg and once it was gone I didn’t get it anymore.  Lucky for me, I moved back to Kansas where it’s available at almost every liquor store (It can even be found at Old Chicago!).

The body is a hazy brown (almost like cider) and the head a light tan.  The aroma is florally and caramel.  The taste is bitter with a malty finish.  It is really well balanced.  I like the hop bite upfront followed by the malty finish to balance it. I really like it.

This is one of those beers that is really good but very hard to describe.  It’s one that would be great sitting around with friends and just having a good time.  I actually found myself getting lost in it and not taking as good of notes as usual.  I guess the name is perfect. It put me in a haze.



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