I.P.A. (Big Sky Brewing Co.)

Having had Big Sky Brewing Company’s Summer Honey this summer and not been fan of it, I decided it’s time to give them another try.  I decided to try I.P.A. in hopes of a good outcome.  It was a really great outcome too.  IPAs are generally pretty good. I find that small breweries have a way of creating IPAs that are slightly different and very tasty compared to some of the larger craft breweries.

The one thing I wish I could get in Kansas from Big Sky are their cans.  I know they put their beers in cans, but here in Kansas all we get are bottles.  So Big Sky if you see or read this post please send cans.

The color of the head was off white and the body copper.  The aroma was citrusy and malty which gives it an almost chocolatey smell. I thought it was florally and  grapefruity. Two things I love. The taste is malty with a nice hop backbone.  It was also smooth.   I really like the balance.  The hops are not overwhelming at all.  It has a really nice hop bite at the end that almost drys your mouth out making you want another drink.   The finish is a little grapefruity. Like chewing on grapefruit skin, but in a good way.

The Summer Honey offered by Big Sky Brewing was a bit of a let down.  Their I.P.A. was not.  I’m glad my friend convinced me to give Big Sky Brewing another chance.



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