Chainsaw Ale ‘Double Sawtooth’ (Left Hand Brewing Co.)

If you haven’t noticed by the pictures yet we are still pretty far behind on reviews.  My bad. A lot of reviews were done in late October but were left unfinished until recently.  In fact we fell so far behind with putting our notes online we almost lost the review we did for Chainsaw Ale.  I had actually started thinking I would just put the pictures on here and try to find some more later to fill in for a review.  Luckily Amber found them hidden away somewhere and got them put on here. See. I try.

Left Hand’s commentary on this beer emphasizes the importance of exceptions to “generalizations about life.” In this case, ‘less is more.’ Chainsaw, the  “connoisseur version of Sawtooth,” takes a ‘more is more’  approach instead.

It has a hazy dark amber body with a light tan to off white head.   The aroma is malty and citrusy.  The taste is grainy, alcoholic, slight citrus, that’s semi sweet with a mild hop bitterness. The mouthfeel is smooth or semi-creamy. When poured into a glass it looks as if it’s slightly syrupy.

I enjoy Sawtooth Ale.  In this case though, more is better!  I think that making Sawtooth a Double Sawtooth was a wise choice for Left Hand Brewing.  It seems simple but sometimes simplicity is a great way to go.  We did notice that while we were grilling the background of smoke was amazing with the beer.  So for those of you that like to pair beer and food Sawtooth and Double Sawtooth would be great candidates for anything off of the grill.

One final note is that I hope to clear out the last of the reviews that are older and move along to the newer ones. I’m on it. Geesh. My fridge is starting to gain quite a backlog of beers and most of them are Christmas/Winter ales.  Hopefully, that will happen over the next week so prepare yourself for some brand new reviews of some beers that are a little more up to date.



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