He’Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale (Schmaltz Brewing Co.)

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of other blogs posting on He’Brew beers as it is the time of year that their Jewbilation is released.  Unfortunately, this review is not for that, but one I did in October of a beer that I bought in September, He’Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale by the Schmaltz Brewing Company. More unfortunately we didn’t get either of them posted during Hanukkah. Bad Gentiles. I’ve had several of their beers in the past and enjoyed them (especially R.I.P.A. which was a Rye IPA that featured Lenny Bruce on the bottle).  The only problem is finding them near Manhattan.  I was lucky enough to find this bottle at Beer Goggles in Manhattan, but I haven’t seen any of their other beers at any of the other liquor stores.  Until we bought Jewbelation Fourteen at Nespor’s yesterday. I bet Goebel Liquor in Wichita carries them.

He’Brew Origin weighs in at 8% ABV.  The color of the body is a hazy light red brown with a light tan head .  The aroma is malty with a hint of pomegranate.  That surprised me as most fruit beers smell like fruit. This one smells like beer with a hint of pomegranate.   The taste is that of a heavy amber ale.  It’s slightly bitter, dry, and the pomegranate taste is subtle which is really nice.  Origin is a really well done fruit beer, subtle yet distinct. It does feel thick going across my tongue though.  Not that that’s a bad thing, but it does have a syrupy mouthfeel.   If it didn’t have the dryness it would be too malty and remind me of drinking diluted syrup. At 8% you don’t want to down the whole pint 9 by yourself. I think wine glasses at a dinner party may be called for.

If anybody sees any other He’Brew beers out there let me know as I do like their stuff and it seems difficult to find in this state.



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