Double-wide IPA (Boulevard Brewing Co.)

Shortly after moving in to our wonderful new house I decided that the best way to break in the house was by doing a review of Double Wide IPA in their new 12 ounce 4 pack containers.  We didn’t move into a double wide, but I figured it was the most home-like beer I could find rather easily.

The first thing about the beer I noticed was the bottling.  When I first pulled the new 12 oz. bottle out of the cardboard 4 pack package I immediately noticed they kept the same bottle shape.  That’s right. Those large champagne bottles they used before now have smaller siblings.  So cute. They even kept the cap design that was on the wire cork holder for the larger bottles.

Double-wide IPA weighs in at about 8.5% ABV.  Which is much easier to consume in the smaller bottles.  The color of the head was a creamy textured light tan color with the body a reddish amber.  The aroma was citrusy with a slight piney smell.  It also had a caramel malt aroma that gave it a hint of chocolate (I thought there was some apricot in there too maybe).   It smelled sweeter than I expected. The taste was dry, bitter, citrusy, with a hint of caramel.   A little resiny for my taste, but very well balanced (I didn’t really get the resiny taste only in the smell). He’s less sensitive since he likes it.

I find the Double-wide IPA to be a really palatable double IPA.  It’s bitter, yet smooth.  In fact, the bitterness sits at the back of the tongue and isn’t in your face about it.  I actually prefer Double-wide IPA over Single-wide IPA (which is a year-round brew).  But that is a review for another day.



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