Christmas Gifts for Beer Drinkers

That’s right it’s that time of year.  I’ve been seeing in the blogging community that the Christmas gift guide seems to be pretty popular post, so we are throwing our hat into the ring and creating our very own list.  I think instead of just saying you should buy beer or books or clothes for the beer drinker in your life we are going to make suggestions for people that are just getting into beer.


Books are a great way for people to learn about beer.  For those that are just starting out tasting beer or homebrewing these books might be a great starting point:

These are just a few of the books that I’ve enjoyed reading or making notes in about the beers I’ve tried and I think they’ll come in handy for starters.


You can’t go wrong with getting anybody beer for the holidays.  Sometimes though beer can be very expensive.  Perhaps getting a mix pack is the way to go.  This way you can get multiple types of beer in a 12 pack so they can try new beers.  These mix packs will change depending upon your locale but here are a few in the area I recommend:

  • Tallgrass 2×4 (which is their new mix pack)
  • Breckenridge mix pack
  • New Belgium Follie Pack

Another  great idea is to buy a growler from a local brewpub with a gift certificate so they can go down and purchase 64 ounces of whatever beer they choose.

 Home Brew Equipment

Even somebody just starting to really enjoy beer might like the challenge of making their own beer.  Don’t buy them the Mr. Beer kit but instead get them a small starter kit that will help introduce them to producing beer.  Malt kits are good for getting your bearings on what it takes to brew.  All grain kits will be more of a challenge and may require more specialized equipment.


Wait didn’t you already cover this one? Why, yes I did.  However this time it’s not about mixed packs but instead it’s about the more expensive limited releases.  This time of year breweries love to crank out limited releases.  One reason why is for people that cellar their beer.  Darker and higher alcohol beers are very good for aging and the best time to release them is now.  Instead of heading over to the cooler section to look at six packs or mix packs you might wander over to the beers that are on the shelf and independent of any packaging.  Some good examples of beer to give might be:

  • Sierra Nevada Estate Ale
  • Oak Aged Yeti (or any of the Yeti flavors)
  • Rogue Mocha Porter
  • Grand Teton In Purist of Hoppiness

These are just a few examples.  Since not all tastes are the same it  would be a good idea to know what the person likes and doesn’t before purchasing these more unique and expensive beers.


Nobody likes a naked beer drinker.  It’s always best to make sure they are fully clothed.  Luckily many breweries have T-shirts, hats, scarves, long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, and other items to help accomodate these needs.  In fact this time of year many breweries are having specials where you can pick up a T-shirt or other clothing items at a discounted price.

*Warning: breweries do not sell pants.  Please make sure your beer drinking friend purchases pants from a retail store.  Shirts only cover so much*


We all need something to put beer into so why not get them a glass from their favorite brewery.  This is a great time to go to the liquor store and pick up a pack of beer that just happens to come with a glass.  This way you don’t have to pay shipping and handling.  Samuel Smiths is an excellent example of that.

Ok so some of the categories were ones I said I wasn’t going to do but you really can’t go wrong with getting them any one of those as a gift.



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  1. wow, ur blog and article is so unique. Gifts for beer lover 🙂

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